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March 08 2015


Is it worth buying a high quality glass bong

So I was at my friends and the inevitable happened and my bong was broken by a friend. Everyone was quite dismayed, particularly since nobody else had brought anything to smoke with. I suggested beer, but all eyes were downcast. One friend suggested we go to John’s house, but I said no way, I put a lot of time and effort into organizing this party. Fortunately, the beer eventually got the party going, and my friend did replace my cobalt glass bong.

So, don’t get stuck like I did. High quality glass bongs may just be what you need to get your party started. If your stupid friend drops a plastic bong, it’ll be fine. Your party won’t be ruined. Cheap plastic bongs come in many different decorative designs and finishes too, so you can buy several. This is also great for your germaphobe friends who don’t like to share.

They even make acrylic water bongs for smoking, so you don’t have to worry about dropping them and breaking them too. Some friends prefer water bongs, some don’t, but it’s best to have a selection so you can please everyone at a party. And as I said earlier, some people will skip the experience, rather than sharing with someone else.

The lesson learned is to leave your expensive glass bong art collection on the shelves during a party, and to buy cheap plastic bongs instead. Don’t experience the heartache of having one of your friends wreck one of the prized items from your collection. You might even want to go so far as locking up a few prizes ones, just in case a crazy friend decides that the plastic ones aren’t good enough. 

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