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May 07 2016


What is the best online head shop

best online head shop
What a question to ask! There are several online head shops and I will not start listing them all as there is just too much to say about them all. Many stoners want to know what is the best online head shop because they want to get both the cheapest deals and highest quality products, all from a safe place without any issues.

LemonSmoke is by far my favourite place to do shopping when it comes to bongs, water pipes, papers or just anything smoking related. I have used pretty much all of the large online head shops and whilst some are better than others, none of them compared to the support I received over at LS!

Let me give you an example of what happened. I had gone to buy a bong and when it arrived I had realised that I should of gotten a bit of a larger water pipe than I previously thought. While the bong was great and certainly high quality it was just a little small for my liking. So I got in contact with the best online head shop and before I knew it I had sent it back and got a replacement for a larger bong! I've been using it for around 4 weeks now and I am just so thrilled with it.

I wanted something larger due to these facts on smoking and I realised that the more water my pipe could fit, the more tars would be removed from the smoke. So as I planned on sticking to just the one bong it made sense to get something that fully suited my needs.

While you can return your products to most online head shops, none of them have been so fast and helpful to me before!

April 30 2016


What is the perfect type of bong for you?

When buying a bong it can be a little bit concerning. Just like any type of online shopping, you don't want to buy a bong that you do not like. I myself have bought many different types and styles of water pipes over the years. So let me share a few little tips that could help you to make up your mind of which bong you should buy.

Glass Bongs
These are by far the more favourite and preferred type of pipe, the glass creates the smoothest possible smoke as it just allows the vapors to glide over it with no restriction. Glass bongs always stay pretty cool so that is another great benefit for the smoke temperature, which adds to the flavour and taste.

There are many advantages to bongs. Because they are so cheap I always suggest that you have one of these on back up in case you break your glass one. If you look around you can get some absolutely crazy types of acrylic pipes. Any type of shape can be found and the colours are outrageous!

Another cheap bong is the ceramics, these too come in weird and wonderful shapes. But they are breakable so be aware of that and make sure you are careful with them.
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March 22 2016


The Basics Of The Different Types Of Percolator Bongs For Sale


The different types of percolator bongsfor sale that a person can encounter inside a store are so numerous that selecting which one is best can be difficult. There are, however, a few things a person can take note of in order to make the decision a lot easier for them.

Water pipe size

The size of the percolator bong does matter. The general rule here is that when buying a percolator bong, the buyer has to think about what the water pipe is going to be used for. Some people have several different types. There’s the big nice glass percolator bong that they use for home smoking, but they also have a small plastic types that they can take with them for out-of-town trips without having to worry about how to pack it.

cool weed memes like these fit nicely here!

Water pipe material

Thedifferent types of percolator bongsfor salecan be categorized based on the material used in making them.

Glass water pipes are favoured because they offer the smoothest hit and there’s no danger of the smoke being toxic, although they’re prone to breaking and a little bit more expensive. Plastic water pipes are durable and scratch-resistant as well as being incredibly cheap.

Water pipe design

Design is probably the last thing that most people worry about when they buy their water pipe. The design of the water pipe depends largely on a person’s preference. There are water pipes that are just plain and clear and there are also water pipes that are heavily desgined with colors and contours that people find incredibly appealing. Design is the biggest contributing factor to the large variety and why there are so many different types of percolator bongs for sale


http://www.herbtools.com/bongs/percolator.html) nowadays.

March 14 2015


Cannabis Farms

Cooling equipment such as air conditioners could be utilized, but that contributes to the next method that's used to detect growing operations: energy usage.

Authorities also look at the amount of energy usage of a home. A house that uses lots of grow lights will utilize an excessive amount of off-the-grid power, which can easily tip off the authorities. Although this only applies to off-the-grid power. Solar-powered homes or homes that use a generator would fly under the radar in this regard. 

In most states, marijuana cultivation remains illegal. Although an increasing number of states are issuing permits for small-scale marijuana cultivation for individuals who have a prescription for medical marijuana. So it's important to research the legalities in your region before attempting to grow.
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March 08 2015


Is it worth buying a high quality glass bong

So I was at my friends and the inevitable happened and my bong was broken by a friend. Everyone was quite dismayed, particularly since nobody else had brought anything to smoke with. I suggested beer, but all eyes were downcast. One friend suggested we go to John’s house, but I said no way, I put a lot of time and effort into organizing this party. Fortunately, the beer eventually got the party going, and my friend did replace my cobalt glass bong.


So, don’t get stuck like I did. Bongs for sale online may just be what you need to get your party started. If your stupid friend drops a plastic bong, it’ll be fine. Your party won’t be ruined. Cheap plastic bongs come in many different decorative designs and finishes too, so you can buy several. This is also great for your germaphobe friends who don’t like to share.

They even make acrylic water bongs for smoking, so you don’t have to worry about dropping them and breaking them too. Some friends prefer water bongs, some don’t, but it’s best to have a selection so you can please everyone at a party. And as I said earlier, some people will skip the experience, rather than sharing with someone else.

The lesson learned is to leave your expensive glass bong art collection on the shelves during a party, and to buy cheap plastic bongs instead. Don’t experience the heartache of having one of your friends wreck one of the prized items from your collection. You might even want to go so far as locking up a few prizes ones, just in case a crazy friend decides that the plastic ones aren’t good enough. 

March 05 2015


smokin' trees

Glass bongs are ideal for beginners who are just being introduced to smoking out of a water pipe because they're durable and offer a great hit. But, if dropped or knocked around, plastic bongs will last, while glass ones come with the risk of breaking and creating a horrible mess. More than likely your new glass bong will come with a metal bowl held in place by a sturdy rubber grommet to ensure that you can easily use it for your smoking pleasure with no worries

March 04 2015

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Tell-Tale Grow House Signs

Besides noticing cheap bongs in your neighborhood, there are many other tell-tale signs that you may be living near a grow house. Based on a recent UK drug report, there are about 500 thousand people who are growing pot in the United Kingdom, which is the same as one grow house on each street. Here are some of the ways you can spot these cannabis farms on your street;

A major indication that you could be living close to a cannabis farm is the foul smell. Generally, the cannabis plant only takes 3 months to grow and is then ready for smoking. During the last month of growth, the cannabis plants usually have a very foul smell, which can be felt from far.

March 01 2015

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